Brand Guidelines

Wando Rugby Brand Guidelines

This page is published in order to encourage our players, coaches, and fans to help with telling the Wando Rugby story. You may freely use the logos provided on this page in your material PROVIDED that any final product or printed material is in good taste, reflects the Wando Rugby principles of RESPECT, SUPPORT, and GROW, and is used to publicize and grow the club in a positive light. If your grandmother would not approve of the material that you are adding our logos to, then don't publish or print it.

You may write the club name as "Wando Rugby", "Wando Rugby Football Club", and "Wando RFC", depending upon your audience. In informal materials (t-shirts, banners, promotional and marketing material, for example), prefer the use of "Wando Rugby" for its brevity and clarity.

Use "Wando Rugby Football Club" in formal materials (official correspondence, government forms, and financial transactions, for example), especially when using the club name for the first time; "Wando Rugby Football Club" is the legal name of the 501(c)(3) organization registered with the State of South Carolina.

Do NOT use the words "High School" immediately following "Wando" when referring to Wando Rugby since the club is not a club sponsored by Wando High School.

While you NEED NOT limit yourself to the logo colors below in your printed material, the HEX colors that are used in our Warriors and Wahines logos are presented below for your convenience.

#FFFFFF (white)

#6B1317 (burgundy)

#A7B01E (green)

#555253 (grey)